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CFO Services built for your growing business

Accelerate your growth with expert CFO support—from accurate budgets to high-impact financial strategies.

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Full Strategic Financial Support

Our CFO Services include: 


Ongoing CFO support, dedicated to your business. Based on your needs, each month your CFO can:

Review your financial health and processes

Maintain and enhance operating budget & financial forecast

Support vendor contract review & negotiations

Conduct strategic analyses and provide recommendations for sales efficiency, retention, benchmarking and more

Annual Budgeting
& Forecasting

Accurate budgets and forecasts built for you. Our CFOs will analyze your business drivers to build a custom forecast for:



Employee expense

Operating expenses and more

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Cash Flow Crunch

Most business owners don't understand how cash flows into their business, how their P&L can show great results and yet cash decreases month after month until they realize something has to change.  

Money Money


12 week program


Total $1,500


Weekly Cash Monitoring


Flat Fee


We send you a weekly strategy


Keep your business afloat

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Deep expertise

Our professionals have deep knowledge in both accounting, business and cannabis.

Let's build your business.

Want to unlock more growth? Bring in the expert CFOs.

Custom Financial Support

We build custom financial strategies based on where you've been where you are now, and where you want t be.

Sounding Board

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, we know, because we are also entrepreneurs.  All of the decisions you have faced, we have also had to go through.

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Virtual CFO

What Is a Virtual CFO?

Also referred to as fractional CFOs, outsourced CFOs, or part-time CFOs, virtual CFO services are financial management services that are delivered remotely.

CFOs support the CEO and ensure that he/she is receiving the right financial advice and is aware of any financial dangers, or opportunities that may arise. 

CFOs frequently serve as the CEOs right-hand person.  They fulfill their responsibilities on a higher and more strategic level rather than getting involved in the specifics of things.

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